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Software Design and Development

Quandum has a complete familiarity with Misra C encoding standard and RTCA DO-178B, which is related to flight systems software and certification of equipments, as well as a solid understanding of the system assurance evaluation process.

The acquired experience, from the requirements, quality management and technical responsibility in a complete software development life cycle, gives us the capability to deal with any type of microcontrolled electronic systems.

Quandum has a wide know-how knowledge high level programming and assembly language domain, experience with supportive software, used in a development process of these requirements, tool management to do the development, supportive process, documentation management and consistence verification processes.



Our equipment has knowledge about real time avionics systems requirements, such as interruptions, multitask, software re-entry, etc. This includes a consideration for this kind of analysis and test, which guarantees the integrity of these systems.

  • Electronic/Electrical System Control through WEB – INTERNET
  • M2M Control and Remote data Adquisition Systems through GSM – 3G
  • Ethernet based Device Design: RJ-45/Wi-Fi
  • USB based Device Design
  • GPS based Device Design
  • ZIGBEE / Bluetooth / CyFi based Wireless Device Design
  • Artificial Vision Systems.
  • Low consumption Micro-controlled Systems
  • High feature systems
    • ATMEL
    • Cypress Semiconductor
    • XMOS (Multi-Core / Multi-threaded)
  • FPGA’s logic:
    • XILINX
  • Protocols / Buses:
    • I2C, 1Wire, SPI, CAN , NMEA
  • Programming languages:
    • JAVA
    • AVR Studio, KEIL C , BASCOM AVR & 8051
    • BORLAND C++
    • CVI