Quality Policy

The Management of Quandum seeks to obtain, as an unavoidable aim, excellence in all its activities and, consequently, consolidation as a company in the aerospace, military and industrial sectors, through the daily satisfaction of its customers, for which, and aware of the importance of the product´s quality created by our company and the satisfaction of our customers, decided to implement a Quality Management System based on the standard EN 9100: 2018 and ISO 9001: 2015.

The quality policy of Quandum is based on the knowledge of the needs and expectations of our customers and seeks, from that knowledge, to achieve the satisfaction of them, offering a personalized treatment to each of them.

The quality of the products created by Quandum depends on its human resources. For this reason, the participation, involvement and vocation of service of all the personnel is essential for the adaptation of the work to the expectations set by the clients.

These lead Quandum to acquire the commitment to identify and satisfy both the requirements of our clients, regulatory and legal associated with our activities, which force us to promote the commitment for continuous improvement at all levels within the company.

Quandum has the following strategic objectives:

• To raise awareness among the management team of the importance of their participation in the project to improve information flows.

• To propel the obtaining of measurable results in the company’s processes by incorporating indicators into them.

• to encourage the participation of company personnel in the development of quality and in the process of continuous improvement, by promoting their training and the constant updating of their knowledge and skills, as well as their professional and personal development.

Quandum establishes the following as fundamental values of the quality policy:

• Focusing on the client (by satisfying the needs of our customers through optimizing resources).

• Approaching by processes (by visualizing the company as a set of processes aiming at satisfying the needs of customers).

• Applying risk management to prevent unwanted results and take advantage of the opportunities that may arise as a consequence of this management.

• Conducting continuous staff training, as a fundamental mechanism for continuous improvement of the quality of the products and services offered.

• Continuous improvement (fundamental process for improving the Quality Management System).

Quandum establishes, implements and improves a Quality Management System by ensuring, controlling and optimizing the quality of its products and services in order to meet the needs of customers.